Friday, March 17, 2006

Good bye Blogspot

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Google & Writely

Well now that Google has bought out Writely what are we likely to expect?

From what I can see, and that is if Google use what they have properly now, we will see the following:
  • Other Google Office appliances - definitly spreadsheet, Pages give us webpages while Writely does offer publishing of documents - I would think it unlikely that we would get a presentation app.
  • The ability to select your Writely documents in Gmail to email on...
  • A Google online "OS" were you will keep you documents, calendar, email and other Google stuff in one place - with the development of all these traditionally desktop applications it gets a bit difficult to go to different places for everthing
  • Naturally all of this would be searchable ...
Simple, prehaps obviouse - but it's what I think ...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Windows Live! Messenger reviewed

Well I finally got hold of windows live messenger the other day - and the only difference I can find is a new look (spoilt by those adverts) and 'folders'

I still like my Google Talk, nice 'n simple :D

Sunday, March 05, 2006

More spam in Gmail

Gmail, the email service which has changed the way in which I read and managed my email (truely!) is begining to let more and more spam through. Most of the time the spam filters are brilliant, catching hundreds of spam messages - but of late there appears to be a certain type which is getting through - hopefully this will not continue ... I quite liked my spam free inbox.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Meembo - AJAX online IM

Meembo has to be one of the better uses of AJAX I have seen after Gmail. If you are at someone elses computer you go to and type in your username and password - and there we go, you are now logged into as many different IM accounts from MSN, Yahoo, AOL or Google Talk/Jabber.

Try it out - security of your passwords might be a problem but they seem legit.

Friday, March 03, 2006 on the Eskom power problems

Hellkom - the website which brought you the facts about Telkom is keeping track of the power ciris - see the page at - there is a link to the Eskom load shedding scedule and a list of all news and updates regarding the problems.Thought this was a nice page, well done to the creator.

Life moves on - what's been happening

During the week while other things are on ones mind, the humble blog does not get that much attention - but now I promise to give a substantual post ...

Let's start with the iPod, I am sure that I have mentioned that I have a 5th generation model which is great - only problems being that irritating act of converting videos (I actually don't use the video function that much, only for long trips and funny clips to show friends) but anyway. One thing which I have noticed is that the screen has gotten pretty badly scratched - which kinda sucks. So until I find a way to get rid of those scratches I have bought a cover for the iPod - it is one of those rubber ones which the iPod fits nicly into with a cover for the screen as well. So I am happy over there.

Sticking with the iPod for one more minute I am sure that some have read the announcement by Apple of the iPod Hi-Fi which is just that, a Hi-Fi with a dock connector for the iPod with a remote. While it does look really cool that amount of money is a bit overboard for a set of speakers for my room, however good the sound and however cool.

The holiday on Wednesday which us South Africans enjoyed was very well enjoyed - at least for those who were not standing in ques waiting to vote. Interesting to see that the DA appear to have the biggest portion of Cape Town with the ANCE just 5% behind - I am very interested to know what the ID will do with their 11%... what is an interesting question is how the power-cuts over here (see bellow) effected how people voted. On one hand people might have voted against the past ANC municipality becuase of them while others would have believed the stories of DA sabatage - quite honestly I think that most people are smart enough to know that whichever party is occupying the mayors office in Cape Town is not going to change the power situation.

That being another problem - this power issue. Without getting too irrational allow me to say that I have been lucky in not being too effected, but that when it has it has pissed me off - to say the least. All I am hopeing is that the roumered 'preferentual treatment' for Newlands for the Cricket tonight is not going to mean that I loose power. Well it is getting dark and so far so good ...

Prehaps that is enough for a while - hopefully some more posts about Blog Mad once I get a change to try it out properly, cheers for now - kilps.